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The Use Of The Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process And Fuzzy Topsis Method In Youth Substance Abuse And Early Warning System

Substance abuse, which threatens human health and public welfare, is a major problem and the problem is particularly widespread among today's teenagers. The purpose of the study is to identify the prevalence of drug use among young people, the factors that affect the areas of substance abuse, risks areas and to create an early warning system. In this context, a survey that was prepared on Substance Abuse among Young People is applied to students who are currently studying in Ke�i�ren district. Obtained survey results are modeled with using fuzzy set theory based - fuzzy analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy TOPSIS method, which are multi-criteria decision making methods. The calculations of these methods are done with the package program in Excel 2010. Then schools with a high density of young people, who carry the risk of substance abuse and should be given support, is aimed to identify. Keywords - Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods, Substance Abuse, Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process, Fuzzy Topsis Method.