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The Case Study on School Learning Culture, Flipped Education & T Pack In Teacher Learning Community

The paper examines school learning culture, flipped education and TPACK in teacher professional learning community. After literature review and quality research, the researcher concluded in five elements of teacher professional learning community theory. They are " sharing the vision and value ", "collaborative cooperation", " to support the situation ", " to share practice "and" Pay Attention to Student Learning Effectiveness "five levels by using technology and media in flipped education. Teacher professional learning community is one kind of models for teacher professional development in flipped education. Due to Taiwan education culture, there are no summative evaluation for teachers. So, there are multiple kinds of ways and education practice in teacher professional learning community nowadays. This study used literature review and quality analysis to analyze the connection theory and practice and discussed the official and non-official strategies on teacher professional learning community. This would allow teachers and students to focus on discussing the connotation of subjects, especially bottom-up and non-official cases from teachers become important influence in Taiwan. Keywords - Professional Learning Community, flipped Education, TPACK