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What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Higher Education Institution?

This studyaims to conceptualize the deepest meaning of CSR in higher education institution. This study uses literature studies. It is started from a discussion on CSR understanding, higher education institution as a humane community, the social dimension and the stakeholders of the institution. Institution is a humane community means a joint life of every individual in institution, who work together and have the same direction, goals and values to achieve common welfare. Human beingsis the center point of the institution. Institution has social dimension which is derived from human existence. From this social dimension, the responsibilities to stakeholders’ life and their development describe the social responsibility of the institution. Stakeholders of the higher education institution include the management, lecturers, students, administrative staff, alumni, government, industries, local communities and nature. CSR is the responsibility which is inherent in the existence of the company. To respect the stakeholders becomes the CSR value of the institution. CSR in higher education institution is a commitment of the institution to respect stakeholders’ life and development through the aspects of teaching, research, and community service. Keywords - Humane Community, Social Dimension, Stakeholders, CSR in Higher Education Institution.