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Urban Accessibility Estimation At The Intracitylevel: Spatial GIS Analysis Approach

This paper proposes a method for accessibility evaluation of urban elements (buildings, places) with using GIS. The technique operates with a complex system of urban attributes � transport network, buildings and actual distances between elements of the urban form. All these elements can be treated differently during the calculations according to the purposes of the analysis. For instance accessibility can be calculated for all buildings in a city along the existing road network or for a certain establishments along the pedestrian paths based on a walking distances. Buildings and spaces can be included in the analysis taking into account their area, population, type of use, etc.We present an approach for the accessibility analysis with using distance decay parameter for pedestrian and automobile trips and weight of endpoints. We offer a tool for ArcGIS software for calculating the accessibility index. Keywords- Accessibility, GIS, Transport Network, Buildings, Urban Form.