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Cube-Based Multidimensional Construction Resource Management

Compared to other industries, the construction industry has a variety of variables, and in order to finish the project successfully, it is necessary to manage each variable without any problem. Among the various variables, logistics management of construction materials is important enough to control the success of construction projects. For efficient construction material logistics management, the purpose of this paper is to visualize logistics information from the production stage to the installation stage and to analyze material information at each logistics stage in multidimensional. This study uses the data cube method to visualize the logistics information of construction materials, and defines the criteria that must be entered on each axis of the cube to convert the construction material logistics information into the cube. The project manager can grasp various information including the logistics flow by the material through the built cube because the axial information changes according to the direction of the built cube and the cube pieces accumulate over time.The construction material logistics information is expressed as a graph cube according to the way the cube is used. This study is meaningful to visualize the material logistics information to prevent confusion that may occur in the logistics management of the material and to improve the construction productivity by reducing the time consumed to grasp the logistics information. Index Terms: Construction management, Construction material, Logistics, Datacube.