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Loprice: Mobile Crowdsourcing Requirements And Implementation For Software And Non-Software Pillar

The issue of rising prices is not a new phenomenon. There are causes that led to this rise occurs. One of it is the rise in fuel prices. Even though it is just ten cent rise, it affects the increase in the prices of goods. This problem persists despite a decline in fuel prices recently. In addition, a natural disaster is also no less a huge impact on the price hike. For countries that supply agricultural products such as rice, onions, fruits and vegetables had to raise selling prices, particularly in the event of natural disasters such as floods, storms, droughts and etc. There are also traders who simply raise prices at will. This irresponsible attitude gives negative impact on the socioeconomic. The increase in goods prices has directly affected domestic expenditures. For those who live like ordinary workers and lower classes, this increase is undoubtedly pose a burden, particularly with low income. To be able to cope with this, it is good to have a mechanism that is able to do comparison on the prices of items in the market. With this mechanism is expected to assist consumers to catch items with good price and save their budget. In this paper, we analyze the literature of mobile crowdsourcing architecture that can be tailored made to suit the local price watch information solicitation and sharing model, shortly known as LoPrice. LoPrice is an application utilizes crowd that enables in obtaining timely information on the price of items using mobile technology. The discussion starts with the introduction of the crowdsourcing and its applications, followed by an introduction of LoPrice model architecture. Next section, a brief of its four design pillar is presented and detailed elaboration of one of the pillar is presented in the following section before the conclusion is made. Keywords- Mobile crowdsourcing, Crowdsourcing Architecture Components, Information Sharing Model, Information Solicitation Model