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Inverted Hamartomatous Polyps of Stomach: Report of Two Cases

Inverted hamartomatous or hyperplastic polyp of stomach is characterized by downward growth of hyperplastic mucosal component into the submucosa. Only 32 cases of gastric inverted hamartomatous polyps are reported in the English literature. We describe another gastric inverted hamartomatous polyps in a 68-year-old woman and a 48-year-old woman. The first one is found incidentally during their health checkup and endoscopy revealed sessile polyps with central excavation at the fundus. It is resected by endoscopy completely after the mucosal biopsy. Histologically, the first gastric polyp reveals submucosal proliferation of two components. The epithelial component is gastric foveolar and fundic type proper glands and the mesenchymal component is smooth muscle and connective tissue. The epithelial component is connected with the normal foveolar mucosa near the excavated central area representing the downward growth. The second one is detected by endoscopy for the evaluation of melena. It is 3cm-sized polyp having long slender stalk located at the fundus. The second gastric polyp also has foci of mucosal tissue penetrating into the submucosa. It is composed of diffuse submucosal proliferation of glands and cysts including antral-type glands and oxyntic glands. Increased and splitted smooth muscle tissue is another component of this polyp. In none of these cases we found dysplastic features. Index terms- Stomach, Polyp