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Development of Optimal Virtual Learning Platforms for Different Genders and Gaming Experienced Learners

This research focused on testing and refinement for training of international professional English skill improvement—encompassing a wide range of applied English skills, helping student from numerous fields, while the opportunities for effectively teaching such material are lacking in the traditional classroom. Learner characteristics and prior training are key determinants of virtual learning effectiveness that can lead to unfair advantages and disadvantages, making fair implementation for teachers difficult. Accordingly, this project quantified, and then overcame, the differential affects from student previous gaming experience and gender on the learning results of a range of virtually delivered synchronous and asynchronous learning in distributed environments. Results include both online technical tools and instructional material for rapid implementation by teachers for international English language training. At the other end of the virtual spectrum is a fully asynchronous platform. Through this system, writing is encouraged to be completed in English, as part of an international emphasis and preparation. Resulting tools can ease adoption of the flipped classroom approach while assuring fair application across all students. Keywords- Virtual Learning Platform, Online Education, Gaming Experience, Gender, Flipped Classroom