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The Impact and Causes of Child Labour

The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of child labor on society. Due to unawareness children are doing work instead of going to school. Due to lack of money and education children are heading toward work at early age. The research examines that the child labor from the age of 04-24 years. The study use the quantitative survey of 30 children’s. Finding reveals that poverty propels the parents to force their children to take up work and never try to give them proper education which is essential for leading a healthy adult life. By performing work when they are too young for the task, children unduly reduce their future income earning capabilities, either by shrinking their future external choice sets or by reducing their own future individual productive capabilities. Under extreme economic distress, children are forced to forego educational opportunities and take up jobs which are mostly exploitative as they are usually underpaid and engaged in hazardous conditions. This study has studied the impact of independent variables viz: Income, education and health of children doing child labor and their impact on their economic conditions. Significant findings have been observed in this study.