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Assistive Technology for Students With Disabilities in Kenya: Implications of Research Recommendations

The potential for the 21st century technology to change the lives of students with disabilities, even those with severe and multiple disabilities, and provide them with opportunities and options never before seen, is well documented in research from the developed countries. Though growing, the field of assistive technology for students with disabilities is still in its infancy in most developing countries. The meagre research in this field in Kenya illuminates its potential for increasing the learning and functional capabilities of students with disabilities in the county. This study examines the recommendations and suggestions made in current research literature on assistive technology and students with disabilities in Kenya. The overarching implication of these recommendations for the field, the need for the adoption of a framework for application in the selection, acquisition, use, and maintenance of assistive technology devices for students with disabilities in the country, is discussed in details. An example of a model for use, along with a discussion of its application in the local context, is provided. Keywords- Assistive Technology, disabilities, impairments, visual impairments, Kenya, education, special needs policy framework.