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Characterization of Damage Suffered in Service of An Impregnated Oil Drilling Tool.

Despite the trend towards renewable energies, fossil energy remains an economic alternative, due to technological progress, social and demographic evolutions. The increase in production capacity requires efficient and reliable means. The rotary drilling system is the basis of the oil extraction process. The development in shape processing technologies has allowed the realization of multi-material combining metal matrix composites (MMC) with conventional metallic materials. These functional materials having wear resistance properties in extremely aggressive environments are designed to improve the performance of the drilling tools. In this paper, we will describe the characterization of the damage suffered in service of an impregnated oil drilling tool. The characterization of the different parts, particularly at the infiltrated-steel matrix-impregnated block interfaces, allowed us to identify the main defects due essentially to the aggressiveness of the geological profile and to the presence of the abrasive particles circulating in the cooling sludge. The observations in SEM combined with the EDS analysis reveal the effect of the infiltration process on the cohesion of the impregnated blocks with the steel body. Keywords- Impregnated drilling tool, infiltration, damage.