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Interest As Politology Category

In the research is being analyzed the category of the interest which gradually entered and obtained important place in explaining of politology processes. �Interest� among the power is the main category in politics. During all human history dominated interest and power as two levers of each empire. None of the analyses of the political process does not have value unless are not getting identified main actors, interests and their possibilities respectively the power of subjects for realizing their interests. Adjustment of the concept of interest in the research is being linked with the notion of interest and with its positioning as politology category. The author presents the interest as a category of special importance, as aim or effort of individuals or groups in the most complete and earlier than others to comply with their needs; they reach the desired goals, always taking priority benefit of certain goods. Different philosophies in their political philosophies have shaped their concepts of �interest� as a political category and those concepts have become the integral part of these philosophies. Liberalism interest concept is closely related to the individual and private property, socialism with collectivity, as a rule in the class, pluralism interest concept is closely related to the group, the anarchy with individuals without property, corporativism with collectivity organically understood, while conservativism with �natural� placing of the structure. Keywords- human needs, Interests, passion, power