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The Clients’ Needs in Microfinance and The Support of The Sustainability of Micro-Entrpeneurship in Saudi Arabia: A Case Study At Jana Institution

The number of women using microfinance in Saudi Arabia has been increasing in recent times. With Vision 2030 supporting female entrepreneurship and empowerment, Saudi women are gradually shifting their traditional roles by establishing enterprises and contributing to the growth and change of the Saudi economy. The study pays particular attention to women, who are of low-income and use microfinance institutes as a means of support and poverty alleviation. The research is a pilot study that focuses on the female clients at the Jana institution in Saudi Arabia, and in order to support sustainability within the client’s’ micro-entrepreneurship it is significant that the needs of the clients are met. The data-sampling comprised of a total of 200 female clients and the data was collected through an adaptation of Cohen’s (2000) Customer Client Satisfaction Method. The findings indicated a series of factors that needed modification. The researcher concluded by proposing solutions to the Jana institution and paved the pathway for other microfinance institutions in Saudi Arabia to take heed and determine the needs of their clients to enable sustainability, the positive impact of retention, an increase in profits, reputation and promotion. Keywords- Microfinance, Client’s needs, Micro-entrepreneurship, Female Empowerment, SEEP/AIMs, Vision 2030.