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The Evolution of Employee Willingness on Organizational Agility Journey

This paper is a part of an investigation study at pros and cons of organizational agility. Most of the companies avoid from agile transformation in their organizational elements and also prefer gradual-small changes to radical changes. In the literature, there are many studies at the causes of the resistance to change. As a spesific type of organization development, organizational agility becomes more and more important for lots of international big companies. This paper is focused on the evolution of the employee willingness in the organizational agility process. The change of the employee willingness to work and also to organization was measured via the survey studies executed at 2 different times. Moreover, the interview technique was used to collect the expert opinions in the process of determination of the organizational agility actions. The case study was executed in an international technology company with 611 employees. The surveys were conducted on the same individuals before and after the implementation of the organizational agility actions. As a result of the analysis of the data, it was determined that the employees' willingness to organization increased by 14%, while their willingness to work increased by 3%. Keywords- Organizational agility, employee willingness, agile transformation, agile management, resistance to change.