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Design And Implmentation Of A Fpga Electronic Reversi Game

This paper describes a development of an electronic reversi game, which is constituted with a matrix LED as the game board, wherein the discs of both players are represented by red and blue LEDs independently, during the game the LED will be changed to opposite color to represent the flip of discs. The player uses a touch panel to move the disc, and confirm the location to place the disc. The microprocessor will check the legal position of the disc, calculate the players discs, then display the scores on a 7-segment LED immediately. An hardwired Artificial Intelligence algorithm in the board game will be explored as well. The AI player employs a minimax algorithm to decide the disc move with a heuristic evaluation functions. Certainly, some improvements can be implemented like selection of other game strategy and game difficulty in future works. Keywords: Reversi, FPGA, Artificial Intelligent, Matrix LED Board.