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The Determinants of Outsourcing Success: A Preliminary Study in The Automotive Subsidiary Industry

Outsourcing has been known as a significant strategy for the company management and the importance of outsourcing has been increasing day by day particularly in the competitive global markets. The main aim of this quantitative study was to show the factors that affect outsourcing success. Within this aim, the hypotheses were generated based on the literature, and e-mail survey was implemented to the employees of fully-domestic firm which is one of the biggest automotive subsidiary in Turkey. The sample included 215 white-collar employees of the firm operating in Izmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. The field study was completed in May, 2017. In the findings, all hypotheses were supported. The findings showed that firm’s capability and interaction process are the main factors that affect outsourcing success. After showing the findings, the implications for the market practices were discussed. Keywords- Firm’s Capability, Interaction Process, Outsourcing Success.