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Pilot Application from The E-Impact Project: Multimodal Freight Journey Planning and Booking in The Port of Trieste

This paper illustrates a pilot business case of a market ready application of e-freight in Europe coming from the development of a project named E-IMPACT, founded in the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), and aiming at fostering the implementation of e-Freight through a series of studies including the development and the adoption of an e-Freight Toolkit. Main concepts of e-freight initiative and framework are introduced in the paper as well as main initiatives and actual standards related to the use of a Common Framework for Information and Communication Systems in Transport and Logistics in Europe. A business case about multimodal freight journey planning and bookingin the port of Trieste is described and first achievements of the case are presented. Keywords - E-Freight, TEN-T, transport, digital services, Maritime, Road, Rail and Inland Waterway Transport.