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Comparative studies on C. Maxima collected from different parts of India, on the basis of Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Phenol, Sugars in the Juice and Oleoresin Content in the Peel of the Fruit

The study aimed at assessing 46 accessions of C. maxima for comparative analysis on the basis of their nutritional values in juice (antioxidant, vitamin C, total soluble sugar, total phenolic content) and in peel (oleoresin content). The result demonstrated that the level of antioxidant ranged from 6.37 – 18.6 mg/100ml GAE by FRAP and 15.2 – 46.2mg/100ml GAE by CUPRAC, vitamin C ranged within 15.5 – 85.3 mg/100ml, total sugar ranged between 2.31 – 12.4 mg/100ml, total phenolic content ranged between 36.8 – 99.2 mg/100ml and the oleoresin content was 0.01-1.29%. In this study, Pearson correlation analysis also showed that there were significant correlations between CUPRAC and ascorbic acid, followed by oleoresin and ascorbic acid and cupric and oleoresin. Result shows that the values were highly and positively correlated with ascorbic acid and oleoresin (r = 0.855 and r = 0.496, respectively), which explaining the CUPRAC values were greatly influenced by vitamin-c in juice and oil contents in peel of pomelo fruit. Meanwhile, CUPRAC values were high and negatively correlated with sugar content (r = –0.452) implying the CUPRAC values were not affected by the presence of sugar, while FRAP values were highest negatively correlated with oleoresin content (r = –0.538) implying the FRAP values were not affected by the presence of oleoresin.