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Management Improvement at ASEAN English Camps

There are many different ASEAN English camp and the success of each camp depended on the management of the organizers. The aims of this research was to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the management of ASEAN Camps and provide a suggestion and recommendation to improve the level of management to make certain that the new ASEAN English camp will be successful. The population of this survey study included all the students of SuanSunandhaRajabhat University who attended and participated in the training and activities of the ASEAN English Camps during 2016 to 2017. A total of ten students and ten staff who participated in focus group and answered an in-depth interviewquestions, the findings revealedthe major strengths of the management of ASEAN English camps included proper activities, suitable knowledge, high quality services, and better time management. The weaknesses of the management of ASEAN English camps included late in food catering, late in the process of hotel check-in, and bus organization. Keywords - ASEAN English Camp, Strengths, Weaknesses, Management