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Image Factors and Service Factors Affecting Domestic Passengers at Thai International Airports

Thai international airports are very busy during the last two or three decades. The growth of both domestic and international passengers requires better services and better images. The purposes of this research were to investigate the model of image factors and service factors that affecting both domestic and international passengers of Thai International Airports. This research was designed to be a mixed research method by utilizing both quantitative and qualitative to seek for the results. Major problems and obstacles of image and service factors were studied and investigated from sample groups, informants, and primarily & secondary data. Purposive sampling was conducted to obtain the important 15 informants. Content validity, reliability, and practicality were tested with a pilot study. A period of study covered one year from data collection until reach the conclusion. The benefits of this research included better information to enhance the marketing strategic plans, as well as management plan to improve Thai International Airports to be one of the best international airports of ASEAN Keywords – Thai International Airports, Image Factors, Service Factors, Passengers