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English Communicate with International Customers: A Case Study of Hotels Employees in Thailand

With significant jobs, incomes, and employments depend upon the booming of tourism, ability to communicate in English is an essential of job functions for many hotel employees working in hotels all over Thailand. The purposes of this research was to investigate the level of English that were used by hotel employees, the ability of employees to understand international customers, how to communicate with their international customers in basic English and finally to seek out what kinds of English trainings do they need to improve their ability to communicate in basic English effectively. The research had developed survey questionnaire in order to collect data from 400 foreign tourists who had been staying in hotels in many major tourist destinations such as Bangkok, Chiang-Mai, Pattaya, and Hua-Hin, and other major tourist cities. Data analyses revealed that the majority of respondents were able to communicate in English with hotel employees at minimal level. Most of hotel employees can say only greeting and taking simple orders from the international customers. Index Terms - English Training, International Customers, English Communication.