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Satisfaction of English Camp III: A Case of Students’ Camp at Hua-Hin, Thailand

The English camp was an important training for Thai students to enhance their English ability. The purpose of this research paper was to investigate the level of satisfaction of the students who participated in English Camp III, Hua-Hin, Thailand. The population of this study included all the students of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University who participated in the training and activities of the English Camp III during September, 2016. A total of 40 students who answered the questionnaire, the collected data was analyzed by using SPSS program. Percentage, Mean and Standard Deviation were utilized in analyzing the data. The findings revealed that the average mean of satisfaction was 4.56, and standard deviation was 0.7901. Moreover, the mean average can be used to rank by using the level of satisfaction from each of the following factors: Gain network and new friends, gain new knowledge, and gain new effective learning method. Index Terms - Satisfaction, English Camp, English Enhancement.