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Job Stress And Burnout Among Hospital Nurses In A City Ofmyanmar

This cross-sectional study aimed to determine factors related to job stress in nurses. A total of 300 professional nurses at public and private hospitals in Yangon Region, Myanmar were recruited. Self-administrative questionnaires were distributed to the nurses who were 20-60 years of age in May 2015. Chi-square tests and multiple logistic regressions were employed for data analysis. The study revealed that 50.2% of nurses hadhighjob stress and tendencytoburnout. Ithad a significantassociationwithtype of hospitals, working position, years of services, workmotivation, autonomy, and recognition. Multiplelogisticregressionshowedsignificantpredictors of nurses�job stress and burnout were; those in private hospitals (AOR: 1.78; 95%CI: 1.03-3.06), being in senior position (AOR: 1.83; 95%CI: 1.13-2.95) and high work motivation (AOR: 3.14; 95%CI: 1.45-6.77). Based on the study results, effort should be made to reduce nurses�stress included; setting the strategies to increase in senior nurses, especially those in private sector.