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Application of Smart Materials for an Economic and Effective PV-Solar Tracking System

Although there are many industrial applications for Smart Materials (SM), particularly the shape memory alloys (SMA), but still the usage of SM in the Renewable Energy Technology (RET) sector has not yet reached the potential usages of SMA in this interesting and growing field.Active solar panel tracking system actuated by shape memory alloys devices could be increase the efficiency of PV Solar Power Systems. The goal of this paper is the use of SM, to develop an economic and effective solar panel tracker system, which tracks the sun on both axes (altitude and azimuth angles of the sun) controlled via a programmable logic control with the aid of sun position data relating to specific location. With the usage of SM as a new drive system instead of conventional electric motors, which are normally use for the rotation of axis, can have many benefits for the energy-efficiency and not least for environment. More than 40% more energy with the aid of the two-axis sun tracking system compared to the fixed system can be achieved. Keywords - Smart Materials, Shape Memory Alloys, Renewable Energy, PV-Solar Systems, Solar Tracking