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Graphic Design for Local Agricultural Products: A Case Study of Thai Jasmine Rice Leaf Drink “ThaiSuwan” Brand, Roi Et Province, Thailand

This research is aimed at developing a brand and packaging designs for Thai Jasmine Rice Leaf Drink “ThaiSuwan” brand in Roi-Et province, Thailand. Using the Community Enterprise Career Promotion of Baan Mao Village as a case study, a marketing strategy was developed for their organic rice products to provide job opportunities and to promote sales in global markets. For the products of the commodities, 23 logo designs were created by students studying for a degree in Graphic Design of Packaging Design Subject in Faculty of Architecture Urban Design and Creative Arts, Mahasarakham University. The research tool was a questionnaire containing rating scales for the 23 logo designs. The target sample was 200 people in Mahasarakham province. The results of this study revealed that most preferred logos were based on a traditional “Thai Jasmine Rice” design. This included leaf-detail designs, with colors and fonts that reflect the style and perception of natural products by the local community. Index Terms - Visual perception, Logo Design, Branding, Development of local products, Celebration of local culture, Product Authenticity.