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Live Multi-Target Detection using Single Camera-Equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Short or long period of observation from bird's eye view and environment Monitoring is very crucial job nowadays. Urban wilderness search and feedback response require a large number of sensors, a wide range of work and processing power for a huge region of an environment. An unmanned aerial vehicle mounted with a single camera from the position to observe the bird's eye view can be a promising platform which offers aerial image and can the alternate solution of remote monitoring. Due to cost and weight limitations associated with UAVs payload, confining to camera-based technologies are the feasible choice. This paper presents real-time multi-object detection and tracking algorithm from UAV camera using both onboard device and distant ground station. Later, the comparison between the tracking from onboard and ground station is offered in the paper. The system was tested with multiple trials in the outdoor environment, from heights of 3 m to 30 m. It can detect objects from closer distance like to less than 1 meter to longer distance of 50 meters. The comparison and results show that the system is highly dependable and robust. Index Terms - Image Processing, Real-time Tracking, Target Detection, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)