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The Role of Local Government in Sustainable Waste Management

The role of local government organizations in managing public service with regards to waste management in a sustainable manner aims to enable all related sectors to accelerate the waste problem solving and give high importance to waste problem management. The waste management has been announced to be a “National Agenda” since 2014 which having “ROAD MAP” to manage solid and hazardous waste. Operations have been implemented following measures as described in the road map continually so as to encourage people to change the way to manage their solid waste. Reduction the amount of solid waste from the point of origin is an important guideline to reduce solid waste problems sustainably especially the collaboration of all people to strongly solve the problem by uniting power to be “Pracharat” no matter from business, government or people sectors in a sustainable manner. Department of Environmental Quality Promotion has collaborated with private sector to implement waste –free communities to sustainability under the Zero Waste Project (Sa-ard Buri) with the 3 objectives as follow: 1. To create social trend in changing the model of municipal solid waste management by broadening zero waste concept in a community to be zero waste society. 2. To encourage people’s participation in solid waste management as well as collaboration form communities, local government organizations, and private sectors to be in harmony with Pracharat administration guidelines. 3. To inspire communities or viewers through a continuous presentation process and pictures of activities in implanting zero waste. The situation of solid waste management and solid waste problem solution in Thailand has been carried out continually following the roadmap on solid waste and hazardous waste management as 1. To dispose accumulated and uncollected solid waste at waste disposal sites in critical locations (old waste), 2) To make a new and appropriate model for solid waste management (new waste), 3) To set regulations and measures to manage solid and hazardous waste by proposing regulations and Acts on solid waste, electrical appliance waste and industrial waste management, 4) To develop self-discipline to people of the country for a sustainable management. Problems and impacts of the huge amount of solid waste are 1. The impact on people’s quality of life especially environmental problems, 2. The distribution of toxicity that harm people’s health, 3. traffic problems, 4. The reduction of water drainage as solid waste clogs drains and causes flooding, 5. Solid wastes are the breeding ground of germs, 6. Coastal erosion problems, 7. Problems of overflowing waste, 8. Problems related to the efficiency of solid waste. Keywords - The role of Local Government, Public service, waste management