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Conservation Tourism: A Case Study of Marine Waste Problem in Krabi

Thailand has a rich coastal area rich in natural resources, and is regarded by many as one of the world's top tourist attractions. The world is used to develop the country in various areas. Especially for tourism. Marine tourism has long been used for human activities, both directly and indirectly. Every government has a policy to promote tourism continuously. Especially the beautiful sea and beach. In the long run, Thailand An example of marine tourism and beaches or beaches that focus on eco-tourism. The highlight is the beauty of the sea of Thailand. The world recognizes that. The world's most popular marine attractions. Tourism is the main industry that generates a lot of revenue for Thailand. The expansion has a negative impact on the natural and cultural environment. (Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2008). The new concept is tourism will have the least impact on tourism and local communities, which is the concept of sustainable development. Thailand has adopted the concept of sustainable development. Tourism And one of the popular. Ecotourism (Tourism Authority of Thailand, 1996) The Andaman Sea Tourism of Thailand. It is one of the most popular forms of eco-tourism. Because the Andaman Sea is a reflection. To see the tourism of the foreigners interested in and want to travel. Especially the sea in Krabi. There are many famous islands in the Thailand such as Phi Phi Island, Poda Island, Koh Ngai, Koh Lanta. The study found that the reasons for the sea tourism in Krabi less popular is the problem of marine waste. From the situation, the sea garbage, which consists mostly of plastic waste more than 10 kilometers in the sea outside Krabi province. The issue of marine waste became a matter for all parties. These issues reflect the ineffective management of waste on land and in the sea, as well as research papers from a number of institutions. Thailand is ranked 6th in the country with the amount of plastic waste that is lack of proper management. The sea garbage affects tourism, especially on the beach, major tourism such as Koh Lanta, Phi Phi, Krabi. On the beach there is a large amount of marine waste, especially plastic waste. In each area, there are different levels of problem solving. Some have campaigned for the collection of trash at the beach regularly by local government organizations, along with the public, students, or certain localities. In front of the hotel, there will be staff at the hotel. The beach is cleaned daily in front of the hotel. Some of the above mentioned. There are tourists who have a habit of walking around collecting beach trash. The study concluded that if ecotourism is to help restore. Resolving the problem of marine waste that will have a serious impact on marine life, ecosystems and people's quality of life. Promotion of Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Department of Marine and Coastal has the idea is to carry out beach trash collection to organize beach cleaning activities. The International Coastal Cleanup will be based on the practices and practices of beach cleaning activities in Krabi. To build a network to raise awareness about marine waste and expand the area for marine waste collection. Index Terms - Conservation Tourism Sea garbage problem Campaign