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A Study on the Behavior of Concrete Wind Power Tower

Recently, in the world, efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is expanding. Such as research and development of renewable energy is enabled as a policy for that. Currently, the towers are mostly used, many steel tower drawback to complement these parts, must develop a high-strength concrete tower is one of the options. Therefore, in this study, in order to analyze the behavior of the concrete tower, was studied with a commercial software (MIDAS Civil2009). The safety factor of the strength of the concrete tower by placing a reference to 2 is performed to determine whether to resonate through the natural frequency, By utilizing the thickness of the tower recalculation is concrete, we examined the buckling stability with axial load. As a result, run the research, by analyzing the behavioral characteristics associated with it, there is intended to be utilized in basic research. Keywords- High-Strength Concrete Tower, Strength Safety Factor, Natural Frequency, Buckling Safety