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The Existence in Connection with Globalization of Thai Folk Medical Healer’ Local Intellect in the Treatment of Snake Bite Wounds at Prom Lok Temple, Promkiree District, Nahorn Sri Thammarat Province

The purposes of this study are 1) to pass on traditional knowledge concerning the treatment of snake bite wounds at Prom Lok temple, and 2) to study the local participation in conserving and developing the traditional knowledge with the expansion of knowledge in connection with Globalization. This is a qualitative research. The research results point out that the passing on of traditional knowledge concerning the treatment of snake bite wounds is longterm study including the practice with the experts leading to the insight in the knowledge as the assistant beginning with the ability to identify various kinds of herbs and to apply them based on the medical recipe of snake bite wound treatment classified by the types of snakes and the symptoms of the patients. Moreover, in terms of the patients’ practice, the food consumption should be adapted to balance with the body and treatment without the superstition treatment. Based on PraMahaBooncheau, the present medicine healer, house patient treatment and development of passing on the knowledge cannot be found at the temple. However, the retrieval and passing on of the knowledge are included in the study of Thai traditional medicine. In addition, the local community pay attention of budget allocation for the standard hospitals. The existence of the traditional knowledge of snake bite wound treatment is totally at the temple and folk medicine healers due to the inability to make use of these kinds of herb commercially. Keywords - Thai Folks, Medical Healers, Local Intellect