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Tourists’ Behavior of Spa Use in Udon Thani, Thailand

The research “Tourists’ Behavior of Spa Use in Udon Thani, Thailand” was a quantitative research and aims to study the travelers’ behaviors of spa use in Udon Thani. The sample were 400 respondents, closed – end questionnaires as the tool and data analysis by using the descriptive statistics in percentage. This study revealed that the travelers who visit Udon Thani’s town and use spa service there are 400 respondents, most of them were female age between 31 – 40 years old. Their education are at university level, own business or do commerce for living. Their income are average between 500 – 700 $ per month and residence in North-eastern Thailand. In the behavior of travelers’ decision to use spas in Udon Thani mostly for stress therapy / wellness / health tourism. The respondents used spa at least 2 – 3 times a month, mostly use the service in weekends, spend time with the service within 1 hour, self-made decision to use the service, spend at least 30 $ at once and received the service’s information from the internet medias. Index Terms - Tourists, Behaviors, SPA, Udon Thani, Thailand