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Factors Affecting Sugar Addiction Behavior Among High School Student In Kanchanaburi Province, Thailand

A cross-sectional study design was to identify the factors affecting sugar addiction behavior among high school student in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand.. A total of 432 high school students were involved in the study. A two-stage-cluster sampling technique and a structured questionnaire were used to collect the data from 20th January 2015 to 20th February 2015. A multiple logistic regression was used to determine the significant determinants of sugar addiction behavior among high school students. After adjusting found that BMI (AOR: 1.717, 1.889, 0.468, 95% CI: 0.906-3.255, 0.476-7.491, 0.180-1.220), acknowledge about project or campaign don�t eat sugar in school (AOR: 0.537, 95%CI: 0.294-0.982) and dietary pattern (AOR: 9.643, 3.083, 95%CI: 3.730-24.928, 1.538-6.178) were significantly associated with sugar addiction behavior among high school students. Hence, the effective and improved health workforce performance should be coupled with effective health education to lower sugar addiction rate of high school student. Also strengthening of teacher, village health volunteers and community structures may be improve the sugar addiction behavior in high school students. Keywords- Sugar addiction