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Teaching Reflection: An Appraisal Analysis of ELT Teacher Trainees’ Micro-Teaching Practicum Journals

Teaching reflection helps to explore a teacher’s own teaching practice. This study aims to investigate seven ELT teacher trainees’ attitudes toward their micro-teaching practicum in Assumption University, Thailand. This employed Martin & White (2005) and Martin & Rose (2011) Appraisal System Theory focusing on the system attitude.In this study, attitude is categorized into three sub-systems, affect refers to teacher trainees’ feelings and emotion; judgment refers to their characters and appreciation refers to how they value of the whole micro- teaching.Convenience sampling technique was employed in the selection of data in which it was done in three parts: one journal from each teacher trainee during the first week of the microteaching, the third week and the six week of the practicum. As a whole, 21 journals were chosen as instruments to collect the data needed in the analysis. The findings of this study revealed that teacher trainees had more positive attitudes toward their peers and the whole the micro-teaching practicum though negative attitudes were also found in their journals. The indication therefore is that, teacher trainees conveyed their attitude in the journal as they observed, critiqued and appraised not only the teachers but everything that influenced the whole micro-teaching. This involved teacher trainees’ abilities on how they presented their lessons, chose their activities, assessed their students and managed their classroom. Appraisal therefore can be seen as a tool to understand teachers or learners’ attitude in different dimensions. Keywords - Appraisal, Attitude,Journals, Micro-teaching,Reflection, Teacher trainees.