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Energy Conservation in the Traditional Houses of the Walled City Lahore, Pakistan

The modern architecture employing the energy and resource intensive designs is one of the major environmental pollution contributors resulting into thedepletion of ozone layer and global warming around the world. The mechanical cooling, heating, lighting and ventilation systems commonly used in the modern architecture act as the micro climate modifiers and generate localized harmful environmental impacts. However,the integration of natural sources of heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation in the building designs through passive systems is the only solution forbuilding energy conservation. The traditional houses located in the historic Walled City of Lahore were studied for the natural energy flows through solar radiation, air, vegetation and landscaping etc. for the provision of thermal and visual comfort to the inhabitants. This research paper is focused on the Low Energy Architectural Techniques study and implementation in the Modern era to conserve energy for future generations. Keywords - Energy, Conservation, Traditional Houses, Pakistan