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Digital Marketing Strategy for Interior Design Service at Asaterra Studio

Interior design and construction industry has been growing rapidly from the increase of globalization and economic growth especially in growing countries. Unfortunately common design industry have not aware with the presence of digital era. In terms of a sustainable Interior Design Service company, Asaterra Studio has to catch up with the trends, including digital marketing strategy. Meanwhile as a new comer business, Asaterra Studio have a problem in low brand awareness. The purpose of this research is to find the most suitable digital marketing strategy for Asaterra Studio. This research used internal and external analysis to implement digital marketing strategy for Asaterra Studio. Internal analysis focuses on Marketing Mix (7Ps), STP Analysis (Segmenting,Targeting, and Positioning), and SWOT (SW) Analysis. External analysis focuses by using Porter Five Forces, competitor analysis, SWOT (OT) Analysis, and Customer's data. In this research, data collection divided in two ways, the primary data was collected from questionnaire to the respondents which are Asaterra Studio's previous customer and targeted customer. The other way to collect the data is interview to previous customer of Asaterra Studio. The roots of the problems of Asaterra Studio are product attributes, place and promotions that have not boost the awareness of the brand of Asaterra Studio. Based on the existing problems there are six alternative solutions are given to solve the problem of the company. Those are social media advertisement strategy, search engine marketing, differentiation of product, innovation, utilizing the influencer marketing in interior design industry, and social network presence for interior designer. The result of this research is a proposed digital marketing strategy by using TOWS Matrix and digital marketing Analysis. Considering the lack of awareness and customer engagement, there are four digital marketing strategy which are the most suitable for Asaterra Studio. Those are social media advertisement, search engine marketing, influencer marketing in interior design industry, and social network presence for interior designer. Using these alternative solutions are expected to solve the problems of the company. Keyword - Asaterra Studio, Interior Design, Digital Marketing, Furniture maker, Brand Awareness