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Social Dimensions of Social Influences Predicting Women Entrepreneurship Intentions

As online business opportunities continue to grow, development of entrepreneurship capabilities of women is seen as a complement to economic growth. Owing to the increasing benefits of online business, equipping women entrepreneurs and providing them with an enabling business environment is no longer seen as issues relative to human rights or social justice but crucial for sustainable development. Pertinent to enhancing entrepreneurial capability, social influence has predominantly restricts women from taking part in economic activities. To fully utilize e-entrepreneurship opportunities, this paper discusses the prevailing social dimensions of social influences to women entrepreneurship. The contribution of entrepreneurial activities to the economy has been increasing. This is an indication that women participation in entrepreneurship practices is promising. The prevalent dimensions of social influences to women entrepreneurship research are presented. The social influence dimensions can be alternatively used to predict intention and it is compatible with the theory of planned behavior. Keywords - Women entrepreneurship, Online business, Intention, E-entrepreneurship, Social influence.