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Resilience And Paternal Relationships: Experiences Of Adolescent Boys In Tshwane, South Africa

- The article explores the relationship fathers have with their sons and how this relationship may or may not have an effect on the resilience of the sons.A quantitative study was conducted amongst four hundred and three (403) adolescent boys in Tshwane, which is in the Gauteng Province in South Africa. Random sampling was used to select the participants for the study. Data was collected by means of a questionnaire using a five point Likert scale. Data was analysed by means of descriptive statistics. Ethical clearance for the research was granted by the University of South Africa. Furthermore, permission to conduct the study was given by the Gauteng Department of Education and the headmasters of the schools involved, because school learners were involved in the study. The parents of the boys participating in the study also consented to the boys’ participation. The participants, in turn, completed an assent form.The finding of the study indicated that there is a strong correlation between resilience and paternal relationships, as the respondents with absent fathers displayed low levels of resilience. Keywords - Resilience, Attachment, Adolescent boys, Paternal relationships, Youth