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Re-Thinking Pedagogy - Knowledge, Thinking and Application: The Curriculum Mix That Impacts The Future of Education

With the global transformations rapidly changing the skill requirements of the 21st century, a new learning process needs to be developed to tide over the global challenges of unemployment and ever fluctuating job market. The critical skills to succeed in the workplace of 2020 are Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Emotional Intelligence, People Management and Collaboration, Negotiation, Judgment and Decision Making, Flexibility and Stress Management. The increased emphasis on the development of these new set of skills and competencies require a new teaching pedagogy that integrates content knowledge, analytical approach to assimilation of this knowledge and its practical applications in the real world. The new pedagogy is based on a collaborative learning partnership between students and teachers as well as among students themselves that leverages the intrinsic motivations of both. The paper tries to explore the drawbacks in the existing “learningscape”, the key learning outcomes that need to be facilitated by the new pedagogy and the vital characteristics of the new teaching pedagogy. It is based on interviews with academicians, students and industry alumni and observation during conduct of classes. Keywords- Pedagogy, 21st century skills, application-based, learning progression