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Direction Finding of Circular Correlative Interferometer for Burst Signals

Nowadays, radio communication is used considerably, so there are also many applications of direction finding for electronic warfare support (ES) and electronic intelligence (ELINT). Direction finding (DF) is useful in radiomonitoring, security events, military intelligence, intelligent communications systems, research, and so on. The current methods of direction finding is usually for continuous signals. However, there are many burst signals utilized in communication nowadays. In this research, we observed the burst signals impact on the performance of the current DF algorithms. It leads to performance degradation problem. Hence, we proposed a new method to solve this problem. We adopted correlative interferometer with uniform circular antenna array (UCA) and simulated different signal durations. The shorter the burst, the better the improvement. The main contribution of this paper involves filtering out most of the segments with no transmission power effectively. The improvement of our proposed method is significant and goes up to over 95% under no expansion of the antenna array. Index terms- UCA, correlative interferometer, burst signal direction finding, direction finding