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Examining The Validity and Reliability of The Arabic Version of The Tpack Survey

Mishra andKoehler’s Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) survey has beenvalidated in many countries around the world. However, no studyto date has attempted to validate the Arabic versionof the TPACK in a Gulf state. Hence the purpose of the present study wasto validate the Arabic version of the TPACK in the United Arab Emirates. The datawerecollected from a sample of68Emirati students (predominantlyfemale students) using a five-pointLikert-type scale.Factor analysis and inter-correlations between constructs showed that the Arabic version of the TPACK survey was reliable and valid in thecontext of the United Arab Emirates. The findings of the study alsoindicatedthat the TPACK survey couldbe used to assess the various knowledge domains of pre-service teachers. Index Terms- TPACK, Validity, Reliability, Technology Integration, United Arab Emirates