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Formative Assessment Using Mobile Technology for Intellectual and Emotional Engagement of Students in Learning ‘Measurement Systems’

The purposes of this study were (1) to measure the correlation between students’ formative assessments scores using mobile technology (Kahoot!) and the students’ achievement scores, and (2) to assess students’ perception on reduction of anxiety in learning through formative assessment using the mobile technology. The participants were 16 first year chemistry students in Chemistry Program at Faculty of Science and Technology, SuanSunandhaRajabhat University. The researchers provided activity sheet to develop students’ mathematical concepts in ‘Measurement Systems’ and created the mobile technology (Kahoot!) for formative assessment in two topics: ‘Scientific Notation’ and ‘Metric Prefixes’ to raise the level of students’ achievement. The results demonstrated that the effect of formative assessment using mobile technology (Kahoot!) as intellectual engagement contributed positive correlation on students’ achievement or learning, r = .677 and p = .004. In addition, this study points to the effective pedagogy in creating mobile technology worthwhile for reducing mathematics anxiety as emotional engagement in learning mathematics for science students. Index terms - Formative assessment, Mobile technology (Kahoot!), Engagement in learning mathematics, Anxiety in learning mathematics, Measurement systems