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Iconography- Decoding The Meaning Behind Images That Are Used As Decorative Elements In Vernacular Houses Of South Canara

The purpose of this paper is to review the assorted sorts of icons utilized in the region of South Canara, former division of Karnataka, India for various elements in vernacular homes and what created some icons become so well-liked. South Canara has been dominated by completely different dynasties thus one gets to envision wide range of its influence in terms of architecture. The historical buildings of South Canara include Jain basadi, temples and palaces of local landlords. Both of them has different kind of icons carved in stone and wood. The icons used for homes are partially influenced by belief system of society and partially by their way of life. Icons help us perceive culture and beliefs of the folks as they continually try and depict some meaning and is much more than ornamentation. South Canara being an active trade center was financially wealthy thus the crafts of various kinds were well supported and extensively employed in residences of aristocratic houses. One can bump into numerous decorative carvings in these houses while the exterior and the doors are worked with great intricacy. Index terms: Icons, Belief systems, Hidden meaning, Ornamentation.