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Use Of Quarry Waste As Building Material: A Review

Quarry activity is a highly unsustainable process as it produces land, water, air and noise pollution. It adverselyaffect the ecology of surrounding areas and generating tons of waste. It has been estimated that of entire quarrying process, about 30% to 40% of quarry product is unfit for commercial use and is discarded as waste. This waste is either thefilled back in quarry pit or disposed of in landfill which has its own drawbacks. Various research has been conducted which show that this waste has potential to be used as construction and building material like cement, concrete, bricks,etc. This paper provides a review of such recent studies conducted around the world and gives a general overview of the potential areas where this quarry waste can be used as partial, to full replacement of conventional materials. Keywords: Quarry Waste, Sustainable Development, Construction Material, Building Material, Recycled Waste.