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The Effect Of The Entrepreneurial Gifted Students' Entrepreneurship On Their Creativity : Based On Mediating Effect Of Their Self-Directed Learning

This research empirically studied the effects of adolescents’ entrepreneurship on self-directed learning ability and creativity. For this study, we set 223 entrepreneurial gifted students getting entrepreneurship education as subjects of study and analyzed how adolescents’ entrepreneurship affects their self-direct learning ability and creativity with SPSS 24.0 and SPSS Macro Process. Furthermore, this study identified mediator effect of self-directed learning ability between entrepreneurship and creativity. The results of this research are as below. First, self-directed learning ability and creativity were affected by entrepreneurial gifted students' entrepreneurship. Next, self-directed learning ability showed significant mediating effect between entrepreneurship and creativity. This study deducts academic implication by empirically investigating the effects of entrepreneurial gifted students' entrepreneurship on self-directed learning ability and creativity and verifying the importance of entrepreneurship for entrepreneurial gifted students to reveal creative thinking self-directly. Keywords: entrepreneurship, Self-Directed Learning, Creativity, entrepreneurial gifted students