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Kitting And Time Efficiency In Automotive Assembly Line Using Computer Simulation And Line Balancing

Most of the industries in Thailand are now facing the new challenge of production performance. In the assembly line usually, enhance the longest cycle time due to it is impacted to increase the capacity This paper applies a line balancing method for solving a bottleneck problem. Process simulation can be usefully applied for studying and analyzing to the whole system. Firstly, of the purpose of this research, collecting the actual data, and making the data fit distribution in the Minitab software. Secondly, the simulation model of the subgroup streamline is set up and, the bottleneck is shown and analyzed with the resource statistics chart and study in alternatives plan Next, the reconstructed strategy based on the principles of ECRS (Eliminate, Combine, Rearrange, Simple) and the theory of line balancing is provided and evaluated by the model Finally, comparing with the current production line, implementation of the new design makes the production efficiency. This research is adopted simulation tools of Technomatrix in order to less modification After the modeling can represent the real system, its ability to recover the bottlenecks in order to increase productivity before implement in the existing system accordingly. Index Terms: Automotive Assembly Shop, Line balancing, Plant Simulation, Process Simulation, Analysis, Bottleneck, Subassembly, ECRS, Case Study