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Teaching Competence and Performance of Students in Physical Education in Selected Secondary Schools in Balicuatro Area of Northern Samar

This study on the assess the teacher competence and performance of students in Physical Education in selected secondary schools in Balicuatro Area in Northern Samar, during the school year 2007-2008. Specifically this study aimed to determine the profile of the teacher respondents in terms of their age, sex, specialization, number of teaching loads, degrees earned and the length of teaching experiences. Also, it looked into the status of other related variable which are the problems encountered by the teachers teaching physical education. The study also determined the significant relationship between the respondents profile and their teaching competencies and problems encountered. This study was conducted in the municipalities of San Isidro, Victoria, Allen, Lavezares, Capul, San Antonio and San Vicente during the school year 2008-2009. The respondents of this study were the fifteen teachers P.E. seven administrators and nine-four, fourth year students. It utilized the descriptive correlational method of research involving P.E. teachers in public secondary schools, students and school administrators. The primary data gathering instrument used was a questionnaire. Frequency counts, percentages, weighted mean, t-test and multiple regression were utilized to analyze and interpret the data. The results of the study revealed that the P.E. teachers of the Balicuatro Area were 30-39 years old, female, with specialization in MAPEH, had a teaching load of 6-7 subject during the school year, holders of Bachelor’s degree, with a length of service ranging 10-22 years. The teaching competencies of the teachers were generally “attained.” Coincidentally, their teaching methodologies used in attaining competence in physical education were also very effective. The problems encountered by the respondents in terms of administrative, student and teacher factors were all moderately serious. Nonetheless, the students showed a good performance. Subsumed under teachers’ profile were age, number of subject, length of service, teaching competence, teaching methodologies and problems encountered were significantly related to the students’ performance except sex, specialization and degree earned. It is recommend that P.E. teachers be sent for seminars and trainings. The gymnastics be given focus especially the dances and cultural presentation. The school head shall include in their request for the procurement and repair of facilities and equipment. However, it is further recommended that similar study be conducted. Keywords - Teaching Competence, Performance, School Administrators, Teaching Methodologies