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Teachers’ Motivation and Academic Performance in Elementary Schools in Northern Samar

This study looked into the teachers’ level of motivation, and as they relate the pupils’ academic performance in elementary schools in Northern Samar during the School Year 2015-2016. Specially, it determined the levels of motivation of elementary grades teachers. Evaluated were the pupils’ academic performance as well as its relationship to the teachers’ level of motivation. This descriptive correlational research involved the grade three teachers and pupils in elementary schools in Northern Samar. A questionnaire or motivation and academic teachers were the main data gathering instruments that were served to the respondents who are selected through a multi-stage sampling technique. Frequency counts, means, percentages, and multiple regression analysis were used in the data analysis. The grade three teachers in the elementary schools had high levels of motivation. The majority of the grade three pupils had average academic performance. The study included that the majority of the elementary school teachers were highly motivated. Despite lack of school facilities, resources and financial aspects, they were doing well in their job, indicating that the teachers had a sincere desire to work with children and help them succeed. That the pupils’ academic performance was average indicating that insufficient teaching facilities, implementing new trends, strategies, and techniques without thorough orientation, and increasing pupil disciplinary problems greatly affected the performance of teachers. Keywords - Motivation, Academic Performance, Strategies and Techniques