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Talent Management Practices In Attracting And Maintaining Gen Y Among Selected Organizations In Malaysia

Talent management is one of the main and pertinent issues in managing organization today. Organizations are being pressured to make the most of their strategic resources for example human resources to help them achieve competitive advantage. With the influx new generation namely Gen Y in workforce, a more structure and systematic programs need to be in place to meet the demand and needs of these new young generations. This research attempts to investigate and identify the strategies adopted by various successful companies in Malaysia, in managing and developing their talent. Comparison in term strategies, philosophy, approach, interventions and challenges in talent management attracting and maintaining the so called Gen Y between these companies with difference cultural and philosophical background will be done. The researcher is the primary instrument of data collection. Therefore, in the depth interview sessions will be carried out with the Human Resources Managers in order to gather indebt information about the talent management practices in attracting and retaining Gen Y. The expected result for this study is to attract and retain talent management practice Gen Y in the line with government policy of maximizing the potential future human resources capital in Malaysia towards achieving vision 2020. Keywords: Talent Management, Gen Y, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Rewards and Recognition