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Critical Audit Matters and Audit Legal Liability: A systematic review of literature

In the previous years, a number of the stockholders criticized the audit reports. This criticism came mainly from the fact that audit reports proved limited information, where the users of audited financial statements demand for more information on matters that influence their decisions. Therefore, some audit standards regulates including the International Auditing and Assurance Standards in the U.S issued a new auditing standard requiring the communication of additional information in the auditor’s report. This new auditing standard is expected to reduce the information gap between auditors and the mangers of firms. This is because auditors are now able to communicate with the interested parties about the most critical matters. However, this increases a concern that this new auditing standard puts pressure on auditors. Hence, current studies exam the potential effect of this new auditing standard on auditors’ legal liability. We discuss the main results of these studies to draw some policy implications of these findings. Keywords - Auditor's report; Critical Audit Matters; auditing standards; expectation gap, JEL Classification: M42