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Determinants of Charitable Giving of Employees in The Organized Sector: A Case Study in Bengaluru Urban District

The study aims at identifying the determinants of charitable giving among working professionals in various fields in the organized sector. The study also focuses on identifying the extent of effect of Income and non-income factors on charitable giving along with building an app that could predict whether a given working professional would make monetary donations or not. A comprehensive model would be build based on the James and Sharpe model. The model would be modified based on Indian context. Primary data will be collected towards testing the model and also the validity and generalizability of certain findings of similar studies in the west would be tested in an Indian perspective. Based on the model, various computer algorithms would be constructed using python such as Logistic regression, Decision tree classifier and Random forest classifier. A better performing predictive algorithm would be chosen for the purpose of creating an App that could predict the charitable behavior of working professionals. Also a multiple regression would be performed to understand the effect of both income and non-income factors on charitable giving, along with performing a Multivariate probit analysis with ‘Nature of donations’ (Gifts in kind, time and money) as dependent variable. Index Terms- Charitable giving, Charitable donations Philanthropy, Predictive Modelling